1. What is PhilYEN?
PhilYEN is envisioned to be the umbrella network of all youth organizations in pursuit of environmental advocacy, sustainable development, and responsible mountaineering. It will provide a platform for youth environmental leaders from various regions in the Philippines to generate fresh environmental initiatives for their respective schools and communities. It will give them the opportunity to network, form alliances, bridge collaborations and establish partnerships on environmental projects. This will also serve as the avenue for older members to help educate and advise youth leaders on how they can implement environmental in their schools and communities.

Furthermore, it can also help to inform the youth of the enivironmental activities that are initiated by the Philippine government and to increase youth involvement in those projects. This network is endorsed by the United Nations Environmental Program under the directive of the South East Asian Youth Environmental Network.

2. Who can join PhilYEN?
PhilYEN is geared towards the youth and is looking for high school and college-based organizations that are advocates of any of these three causes:
  • Environmental advocacy: an organization that aims to develop and empower youth by providing a venue for environmental appreciation and awareness, instilling in them a spirit of action to protect, conserve, restoration of our environment and logical environmentalism.
  • Sustainable development: an organization that envisions a community of development catalysts both aware and actively involved with the social issues affecting the Philippine nation.
  • Responsible mountaineering: an organization committed to uphold, promote and further ennoble the good name of responsible mountaineering. Its members are aware of the present state of nature and are willing to become agents who will appreciate, protect, preserve and conserve the environment through their own respective fields of interest.

3. How can I join PhilYEN?
There are registration forms available on the Join PhilYEN! page. The first form is the OrgForm, which contains information specific to the organization itself. The second form is the RepForm, which contains information specific to the people that PhilYEN can contact if we want to contact the organization. The last is the TravelForm, which is for those who wish to attend the PhilYEN conference.

4. Who do I contact if I have questions about the PhilYEN?
Please direct any questions pertaining to PhilYEN to Eryn Gayle De Leon ( or Jairus Josol (