Listed below are possible activities that each member organization can take part in.

Membership Campaign
This is a whole-year activity to invite more organizations to become part of PhilYEN.  The process may involve direct expression of interest or through recommendation of a PhilYEN member organization. There will be no membership fee required. Only the submission of the application form is needed.  Upon registration, EDNP shall issue a Certificate of Membership.  

Environmental Holidays
The members are requested to celebrate the annual Earth Day every April 22 and the United Nations World Environment Day on June 5.  They asked encouraged to come up with events and campaigns calling people’s attention to the state of the environment. We also request that they register such projects with Earth Day Network Philippines. This is done so that the latter can help in the promotion of their initiatives.

Philippine Intercollegiate Environmental Debates
The annual Philippine Intercollegiate Environmental Debates (PIED) aims to develop among the youth environmental awareness and advocacy in adherence to a guiding principle of the network. It aims to develop critical thinking on the pertinent environmental issues.

Kalikasan Camp
The annual Kalikasan Camp is a comprehensive learning experience on ecological systems, environmental issues, youth leadership training and project management capacity-building for the youth. It shall also be experiential (hands-on) with the goal of developing the participants’ leadership and project management skills in order to further improve their proposed projects. It involves a nationwide open application process where groups of five (5) individuals submit a narrative (typewritten or through video) of their locality’s environmental problems and what they think are the ways by which they can best address them. Seven (7) groups shall be selected to become delegates to the Kalikasan Camps in various areas of the Philippines.